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March 29, 2018

Joseph Mencel from “Massive Joes”

Hang on to your headphones people.

In this episode, I talk to Joseph Mencel - if you look at the photos I have posted on our webpage, and on Instagram/Facebook, you might be mistaken for thinking that Joe is just a very cut body builder.  What you don’t see is the very driven, very smart and very successful entrepreneur and CEO.

Joseph’s business, Massive Joes, is an incredibly successfully online and bricks/mortar business that provide sports supplements, apparel and sports/nutrition advice.

In this episode you will hear about:

-How PASSION will be the force that drives you through the hard times in business

-The importance of FIRST MOVER advantage really does does help your business

-Why LOOKING FORWARD is more important than looking backward

-CHANGING DIRECTION when faced with adversity


You can find Joe at:




-Physical:    14 Furness Ave, Edwardstown SA 5039 or various retail outlets


Happy listening - don't forget to keep INNOVATING, OVERCOMING & PROSPERING. 

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