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If you want to get inside the head of a serial entrepreneur, then this is the episode for you.  I interview Anton Andreacchio, who has founded multiple companies including Convergen & JumpgateVR


We discuss a lot of the amazing things that he’s doing in the Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality space including his collaboration with AFL football teams using VR/AR to train footballers, how using this tech with traditional landowners can help them visualise the impacts of major projects on their environment along with how he brought the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra experience into people’s homes in a world first.


If you thought that was a lot, wait, there’s more!  We also discuss data science, solutions looking for problems ~v~ real-world value propositions, building sustainable startups, under-promising and over-delivering, how telling the brutal truth when pitching for business might not pay off in the short term, but it does in the end.


There’s a lot to digest here….so, hang on, you’re in for a ride.


The life of an entrepreneur isn’t easy.  But I can tell you from experience, that it certainly is exciting and can be very rewarding. 


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Kelly Carpenter is the co-founder of two companies – Lookinglass and Culture Team.


I found both of her businesses fascinating (& completely different).  Lookinglass is some very smart tech (both Machine Learning, computer vision and a physical Smart Mirror to detect the symptoms and progression of degenerative health conditions like Parkinson’s.  The early detection of Parkinson’s disease or the complication from medication after surgery can greatly improve his prognosis.


I’m sure many of you will have in the past attending corporate training sessions/workshops …and have probably been bored-to-tears. Culture Team, taking a human-centred design approach, use gameplay to provide engaging fun and meaningful learning by custom-tailored team-building experiences.


We also talk to Kelly about her career transformation from Film Producer to Entrepreneur - I love hearing stories of people who decide, not straight out of school, but after they’ve had some life experience to completely change direction.


Jump on our website (or check out the show notes) to find ways to connect with Kelly, Lookinglass & Culture Team and how they’re helping change the world.


If you’re an entrepreneur, or business leader, and are faced with challenges in your startup, scale up or established business that you’re not sure how to solve for, then contact us to discuss how our Executive Coaching & Consulting / Advisory practice can help you.  Email us on





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You’ve probably read in some articles about how Artificial Intelligence is going to replace your job.  I’ve been reading a lot about the Future of Jobs lately, so I invited Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, a senior business & thought leader onto the podcast to discuss this really important topic.  Dr Eva holds the role of Executive Director of ICT and Digital Government for South Australia and has held other senior roles such as State Director for Microsoft. 

We cover many interesting and relevant topics for all business leaders, including:

  • As a leader through times of change, you need to provide HOPE, TRUST, EMPATHY and STABILITY
  • WHO is responsible for educating people for radical change – Employers? Employees? Governments?
  • WHY DIVERSITY is important in technology organisations
  • Regardless of whether you’re a Corporation or Social Enterprise, you have to COMPETE with everyone to get the $’s out of people’s pockets.
  • What’s the right TRAINING model in a world of such great change? Uni? Vocational? On The Job?  Just in Time?

We also talk about promoting Tech Careers for Young Women (HerTechPath), the 4th Industrial Revolution, who gave Mark Zuckerberg the right to govern Freedom of Speech, The NDIS, Not for Profits, Ethics in business, Cyber Security.

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Podcast Episode with Kelly Drewett

Alvin Toffler – Future Shock



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Before I contacted my next guest, Toby Strong, to request an interview, I was (and still am) a heavy user of his Urban Brew coffee pod products. I love the product, their subscription-based service and their unique value-adds (and no, this isn’t a paid product endorsement).

Toby runs a business where he is both a manufacturer of his own product, as well as a manufacturer for others, a wholesaler and an online retailer.

We uncover a lot in our conversation, including:

1. Are you BRAVE enough to have an open book policy with your staff on your profit & loss?

2. Diversification can be very important in minimising your market forces risk…but how diverse is TOO DIVERSE?

3. Is OWNERSHIP of “things” from a bygone era, and will we move to SUBSCRIPTION for most things in the future?

4. For busy executives, listening to AUDIOBOOKS can be an invaluable way to turn non-productive time into positive returns.

5. A simple “WALK & TALK” with a staff member can create a great connection with you, the CEO.

We started talking about the challenges of running a business, and particularly the roller-coaster of highs & lows (both financial and emotional)…we also cover some of Toby’s “life hacks”.  The episode starts after we were talking about his introduction of environmentally friendly biodegradable coffee pods into his product range.

Until next episode….keep INNOVATING, OVERCOMING and PROSPERING

Toby’s Book list

•           Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.  Gino Wickman

•           The Great Game of Business.   Jack Stack

•           Extreme Ownership.   Jocko Willink

•           Contagious.   Jonah Berger

•           Purple Cow.   Seth Godin

•           Made to Stick.   Chip Heath


Toby’s Contact details






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A double guest interview this week.  Brendon and Connor, co-founders of Nuago, describe themselves as a “born in cloud” company providing IT services to their customers.  They’re obviously doing something right, ranking No.7 in the Australian CRN Fast 50 award.


Lots of gold in here if you’re building a business.  We discuss:

1. Different isn’t always Better, but BETTER IS ALWAYS different

2. If you want to be a good IT provider, stop talking about WIDGETS and start getting into your customers’ WHY

3. The difference between working for someone and putting your HOUSE, LIVELIHOOD and FAMILY FUTURE on the line to start your own company 

4. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT might not be talked about much anymore, but it’s important to your customers.

5. How do you keep your FINGER ON THE PULSE when your business is growing?


You can just tell from the conversation and the passion in their voices how much providing a great experience for the customers and their employees mean to them.


I think it’s easy for leaders to focus on other things from time-to-time, and even focusing too much on what you as a leader need….but I guarantee that if you look after your team and your customers, it will return dividends.


We reference a couple of authors in our conversation, some of whose books are available on my website.





Interview with Dr Jana Matthews.



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In this episode, I interview Jim Whalley, who has been appointed as the Chief Entrepreneur for South Australia.  Now, while it might seem strange to interview a Govt employee for a show that’s all about Founders, Entrepreneurs and Great Business people, Jim just doesn’t fit the mould of what many might consider a typical Govt Employee.

1. He isn’t PAID! It’s a volunteer position

2. He has a track record in building a successful business

3. If you look at his photos on my website, and his background, you might see him as a bit of a cross between Tom Cruise and Richard Branson

4. He’s no slow-moving bureaucrat. He’s a make it happen kind-of-guy.


Beyond this, we discuss some important & interesting topics like:

1. Executing & planning business is not dissimilar to a FIGHTER JET MISSION ….you have to observe–orient–decide–act

2. That EXPERIMENTATION is a much better word to use than FAILURE

3. The first ever Visa Scheme designed to attract Entrepreneurs to Australia

4. DODGY OPERATORS are on notice! There is no place for you in the SA Entrepreneurial community.


A big thanks to Steven Marshall and the Government for putting the investment they have into the SA Entrepreneurial community.



JIM_FROM_CHIEF_ENTREPRENEUR_1080_x_1080_Instagram_02.jpg JIM_FROM_CHIEF_ENTREPRENEUR_1080_x_1080_Instagram.jpg








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This is one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve done.  I’m not really into super high end fashion and I’ve not really understood it until this interview.   I talk to Paul Vasileff, who founded Paolo Sebastian, a Couture Atelier that has collaborated with Disney and dressed the likes of Heidi Klum, Poppy Delevingne, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian ….you get the picture.  His work is stunning.


In this interview, Paul and I discuss:


  • If you bring your client’s DREAM TO LIFE, then they will travel from the other side of the world to buy from you.  
  • To be the very best in your field, PERFECTION may well be the pursuit that will take you there.  
  • When there is NO PRECEDENT for your business idea, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try.  
  • How to move from being a SOLOPRENEUR, to hiring your first employee….and how to make this work if you’re a perfectionist.  
  • If you’re in Year 12, think hard about your research project….it may just launch you into an international career working with the stars!  


Even if you’re from a different industry, the challenges Paul faced, the drive for perfection and the elements of learning to run a business will resonate with many people.


If you want to find out more about Paul, and Paolo Sebastian, I’ve got some amazing photos and info in the show notes and on our website.




Contact details for Paul and Paolo Sebastian


Instagram:    @paul_vasileff       @paolo_sebastian





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Many of you with have heard the terms Big Data, Analytics and all that very boring sounding terminology…..wait! Don’t tune out! If you’ve seen the movie Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is walking past digital signage where the advertisements are tailored just for him, then you’ll get an insight into what this episode is all about. You can look at this episode in a few different ways – from the lens of a “big brother-esque” conspiracy theorist or from the lens of how you can use big data to drive truly compelling competitive advantage and experiences for your customers. I interviewed Kelly from Expose Data who is an expert in this space, at the new South Australia Lot Fourteen innovation / entrepreneur precinct (where they were the 1st tenant). We discuss:

1. Imagining a world where a retail store KNOWS YOU’RE SAD when you walk in, and tailors your shopping experience to make you happy
2. If you have good LEFT & RIGHT BRAIN thinking, then a career in Data Analytics is for you
3. How to be a MOTHER, PARTNER, EMPLOYER, LEADER and help grow the EDUCATION of our young people
4. How PLANNING and structure is important, but not at the expense of being able to THINK ON YOUR FEET
5. If what you’re doing is EASY, then it’s a COMMODITY and you won’t make good money

I’ve got some pretty big names coming up in our next few episodes, so don’t miss out, subscribe on your favourite podcast app (my favourite is Pocket Casts, a homegrown in Australian app that just does it better than anyone else).


Contact details for Kelly & Expose Data










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In this episode, we talk about how manufacturing is DEAD in Australia……or IS IT?   I interview the Managing Director of Advanced Focus, Mark Fusco, who tells us that:

1. Manufacturing isn’t really DEAD, it’s just CHANGING, from competing on price to competing on VALUE & DESIGN (isn’t this the same for many industries?)

2. Starting EDUCATION early enough in new technology is critical – especially if you want First Mover Advantage

3. We should stop saying NO to new ideas and instead start asking WELL, WHY NOT?

4. It’s time to stop eliminating all RISK….if we don’t, we will eliminate our FUTURE

 Mark_from_Advanced_Focus_1080_x_1080_Instagram_2.jpg  Mark_from_Advanced_Focus_1080_x_1080_Instagram.jpg


The interview certainly throws a different light on the opportunities in cities like Adelaide where there has been a traditionally strong, big-end of town manufacturing industry.  I’ll be watching this sector pretty closely over the coming months…there’s lots of exciting things happening (just Google Brabham BT62 Supercar , which is being built in Adelaide)


Contact details for Mark & Advanced Focus





Twitter:         @advanced_focus

Twitter:         @mfusco4


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AgTech, Food Security, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning, Startups, BlockChain, Drones, Sustainability, Wine…this week’s episode covers all of this and more in my interview with Andrew Grant, CEO of Availer.

Andrew tells how:

1. Technology is fundamentally going to change the way YOUR FOOD is going to be produced.

2. Are you creating a $MILLION DOLLAR solution to a $100,000 problem?

3. You don’t have to jump into the ABYSS by leaving your Job to create your Start-Up

4. Combing what you LOVE with LEARNING will drive you to do great things

5. You don’t have to be a 20-SOMETHING to be an entrepreneur – life experience is very valuable for innovation and startups

Until next time….keep INNOVATING, OVERCOMING and PROSPERING.   

 Contact details for Andrew & Availer




Andrew_from_Availer1.jpg  Andrew_from_Availer2.jpg



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